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"I am a satisfied customer and would like to thank my interior designer, Justin for all his efforts. Justin has assisted me throughout and showed so much dedication as an interior designer. He never fails to impress and makes insightful suggestions. He can be reached easily on his phone and any questions will be attended to almost immediately. He has held his role responsibly and I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking for a trustworthy and capable interior designer. Thank you very much for your hard work, Justin!!"
The service attitude of the designer is very good, patiently discuss and explain the problem, and provide solutions. The design is also beautiful. Professional design + service attitude is trustworthy. Recommend recommended.
Loved this experience with DesignBliss and our designer Justin. He was able to capture ideas of what we wanted and build to that. 10/10 would recommend.👍
Love the final effect - colours, design, materials. Still my favorite. Great job!
Justin from Designbliss done a great jobs for some of my clients unit in Mont Kiara. His design and service definitely one of the best i would recommend to everyone whom looking for a designer that could provide good service and deliver their best to you.
Catherine Wong
The designer is very professional, the service is very friendly oriented, the 3D&2D drawings are very detailed, the space planning is wisely planned, and the layout of the interior space is fully taken into account, fully utilize all the space. Workmanship is very satisfied. I am happy with the services from DesigBliss.
Designbliss and the team were great. They really took the time to understand my style and helped me express myself in my home. The team's attention to detail was exceptionally good. I'd definitely recommend them.
The work in our house is done and we’re delighted with the results. I am happy to have DesignBliss to design & renovate my house, they are very professional, responsible and reliable.
We were introduced to DESIGNBLISS by a friend, and we do not regret letting DESIGNBLISS participate in our reno. Our designer Justin is very sensitive and can accurately understand the style we like. We are surprised that everything is done so quickly in a shorter time than we thought, especially now in these difficult times. We all really like the kitchen design and practical space, it is the perfect kitchen that fully meets my desires. I would recommend Designbliss to others without hesitation! Thank you!
A super innocent accident! My family won an award today!!

Stand out at Best Residential Design 2021! Huge congratulations to designer friend Justin! Thank you Justin for listening to my fantasies carefully. Two years ago when we first met, I told him very calmly that I don't like to follow the wind and the wind. What I wanted was a Manhattan style harbor. I entrusted my dreams of many years to him. We looked at over a hundred photos together and poured our own ideas. We basically agreed on the second meeting. I'm lucky that I'm very persistent about every detail of my home. I can't imagine that I'll spend two years of lock down and work from home here. I cherish every moment spent here with family and friends. I have also organized many big and small virtual events here. It's not just a house that I want to design beautifully, it's a home that follows me along the way Love makes a house a HOME
Thank you for bringing me home love

超级无敌意外!今天我的家拿奖了!!🤩🥂🏆 在Best Residential Design 2021脱颖而出!大大恭喜设计师朋友Justin!谢谢Justin用心聆听我的构想,两年前初次见面我就很笃定的告诉他,我不喜欢跟风和抄袭,我要的就是一个Manhattan style的避风港,把自己多年来的梦想交托给他,我们一起看了过百张的照片,再注入自己的想法,我们基本上默契十足,第二次见面就达成共识🙌🏻 庆幸自己对家里每个细节都非常执着,想不到就在这里度过了两年的lock down和work from home。我很珍惜在这里和家人朋友共度的每一刻,也在这办过很多大大小小的virtual event。这不只是一个我想要设计得好看的房子,这是陪我风雨同路的家🏠 Love makes a house a HOME 谢谢你,让我爱回家了❤️
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