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Focus Interior Design for the living room in Old Klang Road OUG Malaysia

14 August
Home Interior Designer Malaysia

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, a captivating transformation has taken place at OUG Old Klang Road by Design Bliss. The fusion of Manhattan chic with modern aesthetics has resulted in an exquisite living room that’s redefining luxury interior design and style. Let’s explore the captivating world of Manhattan Chic at OUG Old Klang Road with us!

Spacious Living Room with Manhattan Touch

spacious living room at Manhattan Chic OUG Old Klang Road

Drawing inspiration from Manhattan apartments renowned for their ability to make spaces appear larger, we transformed the 40-foot living room in Malaysia with towering windows, providing panoramic views of the bustling township below. To develop a sense of spaciousness, we opted for white tiles and walls. Additionally, the extensive use of blinds and sheers allows the owner to control the brightness throughout the day.

Pantry with Modern Look

pantry at Manhattan Chic OUG Old Klang Road

In the pantry area, we placed accentuated upholstered chairs and a refreshing indoor plant. The cabinet, crafted from durable material, is designed for multi-purpose use and convenience. Moreover, the combination of glass, timber, and glossy finishes creates a clean and modern interior design look.

Get Focus Time at the Cosy Study Room

study room at Manhattan Chic OUG Old Klang Road

Furnishing the study room with a cosy two-toned wooden texture creates a perfect atmosphere for relaxing with a book or getting work done. Additionally, the cabinet’s back panels feature a classy marble laminate design, adding depth to the space.

Relaxing Time at the Comforting Bedroom

comforting bedroom at Manhattan Chic OUG Old Klang Road

Additionally, for the bedroom, it not only provides a place to rest but also exudes its unique charm. Stylish laser-cut decorative wall panels frame the room, allowing for personalized designs. The solid timber flooring, along with a harmonious color scheme, creates a warm and comforting atmosphere. The owner can express their individuality and add sophistication to the space with luxurious fixtures, including an abstract art rug.

Furthermore, Design Bliss’s Manhattan Chic project at OUG Old Klang Road exemplifies the art of blending timeless Manhattan design with contemporary living. For example, the project encapsulates the essence of Manhattan’s elegance and urban energy while delivering a comfortable, stylish, and well-designed home interior in Malaysia.

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About Manhattan Chic at OUG Old Klang Road

1. What was the inspiration behind the design of the Manhattan Chic at OUG Old Klang Road?

The inspiration behind the design of Manhattan Chic at OUG Old Klang Road draws from Manhattan apartments, renowned for creating an illusion of spaciousness and incorporating tall windows for panoramic views.

2. How did Design Bliss enhance the interior design, perception of space in the living room?

Design Bliss enhanced the perception of space in the living room by utilizing massive tall windows that open up to sweeping views, employing a white hue for the tiles and walls, and incorporating blinds and sheers for control over brightness.

3. What features were implemented in the living area at the Manhattan Chic at OUG Old Klang Road?

For the living area at Manhattan Chic, Design Bliss incorporated a suspender bar that doubles as a workplace, accompanied by a wine-stacking display column, offering the owner flexibility to hold virtual meetings and entertain guests.

4. How was the pantry area designed at the Manhattan Chic at OUG Old Klang Road?

The pantry area at Manhattan Chic was designed with mildly accented upholstered chairs, a refreshing indoor plant, and a clean modern look achieved through the interplay of glass, timber, and glossy finishings, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

5. What elements were utilised in the bedroom at the Manhattan Chic at OUG Old Klang Road?

In the bedroom, Design Bliss utilized laser-cut decorative wall panels, solid timber flooring, and an abstract art rug, thereby enabling the owner to express individuality and create a modern and chic atmosphere with a touch of sophistication.

6. What sets Design Bliss apart from other interior design companies?

Design Bliss stands out due to its legacy of excellence, commitment to personalized solutions, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. Additionally, with our expertise and passion for design, we consistently deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

7. Can Manhattan Chic be adapted to different home sizes?

Absolutely! Furthermore, our expert designers will conduct a site visit to measure the space and assess how to implement Manhattan apartment-inspired design to your house.

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