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11 Mont Kiara: Luxury in Simplicity by Design Bliss

14 August
Luxury Interior Design Malaysia

When it comes to creating a living space that harmonises luxury and simplicity, a project by Design Bliss at 11 Mont Kiara stands out as a remarkable example. This upscale residential exemplifies the perfect blend of opulence and minimalist elegance. In this article, we’ll explore the captivating world of 11 Mont Kiara, exploring its design philosophy, key features, and the unique approach taken by Design Bliss.

A Simple, Luxury Escape from the Bustling City

dining room luxury in simplicity at 11 mont kiaraIn the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s prestigious 11 Mont Kiara enclave lies a stunning condominium that has a perfect blend of luxury and simplicity. Design Bliss Interior Design took up the challenge of transforming this bare new property into a mesmerizing sanctuary for its owner, who hails from Sabah, Malaysia.

Building Simplicity from the Scratch

living room - luxury in simplicity at 11 mont kiaraThe hallmark of this project was the emphasis on simplicity. Starting from a blank canvas, our designers were inspired to create a space that felt uncluttered, peaceful, and welcoming. We carefully curated elements that would promote a sense of tranquillity throughout the property.

Implementing Luxury Elements

living room - luxury in simplicity at 11 mont kiaraThough simplicity was the core of interior design, luxury was not compromised. Our designer team skillfully integrated opulent elements to enhance the overall ambience of the house. From exquisite materials to carefully selected types of furniture, every luxury addition was thoughtfully chosen.

Bathe in the Natural Light

bedroom - luxury in simplicity at 11 mont kiaraLighting played a crucial role in highlighting the luxury design elements and setting the simple ambience. Our team installed a floor-to-ceiling window to create an enchanting atmosphere throughout the corner of the living room.

Embrace luxury today

Would you like to experience the allure of Luxury in Simplicity firsthand? Consult with the experts at Design Bliss and embark on a journey towards luxury reimagined. Let your living space tell a story of elegance, functionality, and pure bliss!

About Luxury in Simplicity at 11 Mont Kiara

1. What is the location of the condominium Luxury in Simplicity?

The condominium is located in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2. What type of project is Luxury in Simplicity at 11 Mont Kiara?

It is a condominium project.

3. What is the condominium size at Luxury in Simplicity at 11 Mont Kiara?

The size of the condominium is 3,729 square feet (sqft).

4. How would you describe the design style used in Luxury in Simplicity at 11 Mont Kiara?

The design style is Modern Contemporary.

5. How did the designers approach the interior design of the condominium?

The designers focused on creating a space that felt uncluttered, peaceful, and welcoming, emphasizing simplicity as the core design element.

6. What sets Design Bliss apart from other interior design companies?

Design Bliss stands out due to its legacy of excellence, commitment to personalised solutions, and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction. With our expertise and passion for design, we consistently deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations.

7. Can Luxury in Simplicity be adapted to different home sizes?

Absolutely! Our expert designers will conduct a site visit to measure the space and assess how to implement the luxury design in your house.

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